1. How much?

Get right to things, eh? I like that about you. My fees are project based, not hourly based. This saves you money while still providing quality work.

White Papers

$4000 - text only*

What do I get?

You get a well-researched, in depth report on a topic specific to your business. It might tell your clients what best practices they should follow, or inform your customers of how to solve a problem they didn't even know they had. 

The length of the paper will vary depending on your purpose and topic. However, this isn't just a sales brochure, and it will be at the very minimum 1500 words. It includes all necessary research, interviews, and distillation of technical jargon. This takes me from 25 to 50 hours of work. 

You will get an outline and abstract to approve before I begin the project, and updates at every stage - research, content writing, editing. You also have one revision request once the project is completed.

This also includes professional editing from my trusted editor, so the content and citations are perfect.

* Need a designer to format your paper? Send me a note and I will quote a price to add graphic design to your package.

case studies

$750 - text only

What do I get?

You get a thoughtful, well crafted story to showcase how you changed someone's (business) life. I handle all the interviews, and getting permission to use the final product.

Case studies are about 800 to 1200 words and are powerful ways to explain your products and services in the real world. You know how your high school writing teacher hounded you for specific examples in your essay? This is the life example. 


Resource library materials

$.25 per word - text only

What do I get?

You get evergreen marketing materials that highlight your status as expert in your field. Imagine a group of people standing around a water cooler discussing an issue, and one person says "Hey, you know I read an expert recently...." and that expert is you!

I will help brainstorm and fine tune your driving questions. Those driving questions will transform into your materials. 

This includes professional editing rates so everything is pitch perfect. 


2. When can you start working?

This will depend on the scope and length of your project. You will have a clear start date, and a target end date for any project before we begin working together.

3. What about revisions?

The goal is no revisions, but sometimes things happen. You get one revision request.